EcoCentric Sept 8, 2015

The BC government is looking into revising mining laws and regulations as a result of the Mount Polley mine disaster. Host Keith Wiley spoke with Ana Simeon from the Sierra Club of BC about the importance of the mining review. The EcoSociety has been running a major on the ground campaign to make environmental issues a vote deciding topic in the federal election. Organizer Montana Burgess talked about how people can join in to make the environment a topic that counts. We get the details on peace and environment-focussed election forums coming up in the West Kootenay. The Harperman song is sweeping the country… we have a listen. There is Keith’s usual envrionment news and EcoSociety Executive Director David Reid talks about coming events.

EcoCentric – July 14, 2015

Nelson has been getting some national news coverage recently for the Nelson Hydro proposal for a solar energy garden. Carmen Proctor the ecosave coordinator for Nelson Hydro is back to give us an update on the plan to bring solar electricity to Nelson.

Slocan Valley activist Marilyn Burgoon is continuing to pursue her individual prosecution on the Lemon Creek jet fuel spill from two years ago. Federal prosecutors so far have failed to take over her case against the fuel company and the BC government on the negligence resulting in the disaster for the Slocan River.

On July 15th, the West Kootenay EcoSociety’s court challenge of the constitutionality of the Jumbo Municipality with NO citizens goes ahead in Vancouver. EcoSociety Executive Director David Reid will be on to talk about the importance of the case.

Host Keith Wiley has his usual Environment News and more.

EcoCentric – June 30, 2015

Keith Wiley hosts and does another garden tour … this time we visit Coop Radio celebrity Bonnie Baker in her garden and greenhouse. Co-host Bruce Edson spoke with Fiona Galbraith from the city of Nelson on plans for setting up large scale composting in the City. Montana Burgess from the West Kootenay EcoSociety came in to talk about some coming events, including Nelson’s Saturday, July 4th role in the national We are greater than Tar Sands day. There’s the Environment News… and even some music.


The EcoCentric – June 23, 2015

It was a big week for environmental news. Locally the biggest story was Jumbo and the provincial environment minister’s decision to put a stop to deverlopment of the ski and real estate project in the Purcell mountains. Our Nelson Creston MLA Michelle Mungall came on to talk about that decision and about the burning question: is that it for Jumbo? Have we finally won?
Globally the story was the Pope’s Encyclical on Climate Change. Will it change everything? In a few minutes we’ll speak with Castlegar United Church minister Greg Powell about the encyclical and about the response of the churches to the climate crisis.
We visit the garden of Bonne Baker to hear what excites her about gardening.
Host Keith Wiley has his usual Environment News and more on The EcoCentric.

EcoCentric – June 2, 2015

Canadian natural gas geology expert David Hughes comes on The EcoCentric to examine BC’s huge LNG plans. Do we actually have enough natural gas in the ground to sell huge amounts to Asia? Hughes has just published a detailed report.

Canada can meet our greenhouse gas reduction targets say a large group of Canadian academics. They even have a plan how to do it. We speak with James Meadowcroft from Carlton University about their new report.

Host Keith Wiley also has the usual Environment News and upcoming eco events!

EcoCentric – May 12, 2015

A short report on Bikes NOT Pipes, with two bike events in the past two weeks. Live recordings of what people said about the meaning of these bike rides.

BC is NOT a leading jurisdiction for controlling green house gases, not matter what the Premier says. Far from it. We’ll speak with Jens Wieting from the Sierra Club about the reality of our province’s emissions targets and how we are NOT actually meeting our green house emission targets.

The EcoSociety’s David Reid is coming in to give us an update on the exciting developments, or really NON development, going on with the Jumbo Pass controversy. We talk about some coming events and there’s our regular Environment News.