EcoCentric Jan 13, 2015

On today’s show, an in depth interview with Bob Hargraves (author of Thorium: Energy Cheaper than Coal) on the Thor-Con Molten Salt Reactor concept, which was just released this week by the company Martingale. Thor-Con is a modular, mass produced, underground reactor built at Asian shipyards that is tied to a centralized maintenance and recycling facility.

In related news this week, Canadian company Terrestrial Energy entered into a collaborative partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the US regarding an Integral Molten Salt Reactor concept. Also, 65 top conservation scientists have signed an open letter, which was published in conjunction with an article in Conservation Biology this month challenging environmentalists to reconsider entrenched ideological positions about nuclear energy. And in keeping with the controversial theme, we’ll also have Kootenay native Baba Brinkman in talking about his new album “Rap Guide to the Wilderness’, which challenges some aspects of the back to the land ethic.

Host Bruce Edson.

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