World Bank to end financial support for oil and gas extraction | Business | The Guardian…
In a statement that delighted campaigners opposed to fossil fuels, the Bank used a conference in Paris to announce that it “will no longer finance upstream oil and gas” after 2019.
The Bank ceased lending for coal-fired power stations in 2010 but has been under pressure from lobby groups also to halt the $1bn (£750m) a year it has been lending for oil and gas in developing countries.

LNG’s unlikely saviour? B.C.’s NDP premier turns cheerleader in Asia trip | Financial Post
To the surprise of many, British Columbia NDP Premier John Horgan could emerge as the saviour of Western Canada’s troubled liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry.

Matt Toner: Electoral-reform foes are strange bedfellows | Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly
I was surprised to wake up last week to discover that British Columbia is at risk of being beset by fascist hordes, separatists, and extremists of every stripe and persuasion. And all it will take is a successful “yes” vote on electoral reform this year—a measure currently supported by 57 percent of British Columbians, incidentally—and the gates of this political hellscape will yawn wide.

Premier John Horgan changes tune on BC Hydro rate freeze | CTV Vancouver News
Premier John Horgan seems to be backing away from a key election promise to freeze BC Hydro rates in an effort to achieve affordability.

Mike Smyth: Liberal leadership fight enters the final rounds | The Province
Dianne Watts jumped into the B.C. Liberal party leadership race with several advantages over her rivals.
She enjoyed lofty public profile as the popular former mayor of Surrey and as a Conservative MP. She consistently topped opinion polls as the best choice to replace Christy Clark as new Liberal leader.

BC Greens piling pressure on NDP to ban foreign buyers in budget | ThinkPol
The BC Green Party is piling pressure on the NDP minority government its propping up to follow New Zealand’s example and restrict foreign real estate ownership in the province in the upcoming budget.

Vaughn Palmer: Horgan’s hands full with weed, Weaver, real estate, LNG | Vancouver Sun
“If B.C. starts to focus again on trying to land an LNG industry given all that has happened, I can tell you I am voting government down,” the Green leader vowed in a Dec. 31 interview with Carol Linnitt of DeSmog Canada, the online news service.

Proposed carbon pricing plan ‘not a cash grab’: McKenna | CTV News
The federal government has unveiled its proposed carbon pricing legislation, spelling out how it plans to regulate and enforce a price on greenhouse gases.

B.C. snowmobile clubs fear loss of backcountry access, seek more members – British Columbia – CBC News
The British Columbia Snowmobile Federation is worried it will lose more access to trails unless it signs up more members.
The federation’s media director, Trish Drinkle, said her organization estimates only 17 per cent of the province’s estimated 85,000 snowmobilers join local clubs.

Study finds U.S. regulations to protect killer whales near B.C. coast effective | CTV News…
American regulations that limit vessel noise and traffic around endangered killer whales off the West Coast are working, a new study says. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, said in its review of regulations adopted in 2011 that the changes are benefiting southern resident orcas without having negative effects on the local whale watching and tourism industries.

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