Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver calls B.C. premier a ‘hypocrite’ for NDP insider hires – British Columbia – CBC News
Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver is accusing NDP Premier John Horgan of being a “hypocrite” for a spate of party insider hirings. For years as the Opposition, Horgan criticized the Liberal government for doing the same thing. .

B.C. eyes stricter distracted driving penalties as collisions surge – British Columbia – CBC News
The B.C. government is considering imposing stricter penalties on distracted drivers as collisions across the province continue to surge. B.C. Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth says the province is keeping a close eye on Ontario, where new penalties have been introduced to reduce collisions — including a $50,000 fine and up to two years jail time aimed at distracted drivers who kill.

B.C. overturns carbon tax revenue-neutrality – The Climate Examiner by PICS – The Climate Examiner
There was standing room only in the Regional District of Central Kootenay board office Thursday morning as West Kootenay logging company owner Ken Kalesnikoff spent over an hour being grilled about watershed harvesting.

OPINION: Reducing the risk of wildfire – Williams Lake Tribune
Sept. 23-30, 2017 marks National Forest Week in Canada. Established around 1920 as Forest Fire Prevention Week, the origins were to encourage greater public awareness towards Canada’s forests.

‘I’m all in’: Former Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts enters BC Liberal leadership race |
Conservative MP and former Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts has thrown her hat in the ring in the race for the leadership of the BC Liberal Party.
“All of us have one common goal. And that is to bring our province back from a coalition government that is not only unstable, but is determined to raise taxes, gut our natural resource sector, and drive jobs and investment out of this province,” said Watts as she made the announcement Sunday afternoon at a Guildford hotel. .

More questions than answers in Utilities Commission’s preliminary Site C report |
The BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) has released a hotly-anticipated preliminary report into the future of the controversial $8.3-billion Site C dam project.
But after all of the waiting, the report raises more questions than it answers, saying it does not have enough information in key areas and refusing to offer a recommendation on
whether the project should proceed. .

Mike Smyth: Taxpayers burned by ban on corporate and union donations | The Province
When Premier John Horgan was asked during the election campaign if B.C. taxpayers would be forced to finance political parties, his answer was plain enough.
“Just to be clear,” CHNL radio host Shane Woodford asked Horgan. “There is going to be nothing in there about taxpayers having to fund political parties?”

New government ends era of ‘big money’ in politics | BC Gov News
The Government of British Columbia has introduced legislation to put an end to big money in politics and put people back at the heart of government decision-making.
“We’re reforming campaign finance rules to make sure government’s actions and decisions benefit everyone, not just those with deep pockets,” said Premier John Horgan.

BC’s last Climate “Leadership” Plan was written in big oil’s boardroom (literally) : Policy Note
Newly uncovered documents obtained through Freedom of Information requests reveal the cozy relationship between the fossil fuel industry and the last BC government went even further than suspected — all the way to inviting industry to directly craft the province’s climate “leadership” plan.
Let’s rewind for a second: back in the spring of 2015, then-premier Christy Clark announced the provincial government would create a new climate plan. .

Hydro will be ‘burned’ if Site C is suspended or cancelled | Vancouver Sun
B.C. Hydro would face payouts of more than $1 billion to cancel or suspend the Site C project, according to an independent review for the B.C. Utilities Commission. .

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