Mayors’ Council announces historic $7 billion transportation deal – British Columbia – CBC News
Transit users will pay more in taxes and fees under a $7 billion transit and transportation infrastructure deal between the Mayors’ Council and the province of B.C.

Leaked HIVE document shows how far Trans Mountain opponents will go to orchestrate outrage | Financial Post
There’s been lots of talk about mass action to disrupt the construction of Kinder Morgan Canada Inc.’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. But a leaked document outlining a strategy by a coalition of environmental groups to fight the project shows how far they are prepared to go to orchestrate outrage.

B.C. environment minister unveils oil spill response paper | Calgary Herald
Pipeline operators and railways would be required to start assessing and cleaning up an oil spill within two hours if it is near a populated area or four hours anywhere else, under regulations proposed by the B.C. government Wednesday.

B.C. government heading to court over bitumen flow consultation |
The B.C. government is calling on the courts to rule on the controversial decision to consult on restricting the flow of bitumen through pipeline or rail across British Columbia.

Rachel Notley Wants Progress With B.C. On Trans Mountain Pipeline By Next Week
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says she wants progress soon in the impasse between her province and British Columbia over the Trans Mountain pipeline or she will ratchet up the pressure.

Premier John Horgan says he wants to keep LNG door open – British Columbia – CBC News
NDP Premier John Horgan insists he supports “every corner” of the province despite criticism from some northern municipalities he is not championing the oil and gas industry of northern British Columbia.

Inside the interview: Trudeau spills on Kinder Morgan pipeline | National Observer
Over the last five years, oil pipelines have emerged as one of the most divisive issues in Canadian politics. Central to that debate is Kinder Morgan’s controversial proposal to twin an existing pipeline and ship up to 890,000 barrels of oil per day from Alberta to the B.C. coast.
The Trans Mountain expansion has sparked mass protests, lawsuits and an unprecedented trade war between sparring NDP premiers in Alberta and British Columbia. It has become a political bargaining chip in the nation’s approach to fighting climate change, and the subject of hundreds of closed-door meetings between governments, stakeholders, and Indigenous decision-makers.

B.C. eliminates prescription deductibles for families with incomes under $30,000 | TMTVNEWS.COM
The British Columbia government is eliminating PharmaCare deductibles for working families with the lowest incomes in the province, helping to make sure they get the prescription medicines they need but currently are struggling to afford, Health Minister Adrian Dix announced today.

Trans Mountain expansion will cost B.C. motorists over $100 million a year | National Observer
One of the significant economic costs of constructing Trans Mountain’s heavy oil pipeline is the impact it will have on B.C. motorists at the pumps. This is because the price to transport petroleum products to British Columbia along the existing Trans Mountain system will more than double once the expansion becomes operational. As confirmed by Natural Resources Canada , transportation costs for delivery of crude oil and petroleum products to British Columbia are passed onto consumers.

B.C. premier says he won’t escalate trade dispute with Alberta over pipeline | CFJC Today
British Columbia Premier John Horgan doesn’t intend to respond to any provocation from Alberta in the escalating trade dispute over the Trans Mountain pipeline.
Horgan said Wednesday it is not in anyone’s interests to fuel the spat between the two provinces.

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