David Reevely: Ottawa mayor sued for blocking Twitter critics, says he has right not to be harassed | National Post

nationalpost.com/news/local-news/reevely-my-twitter-account-is-personal-watson-says-in-response-to-charter-challenge-and-i-can-block-who-i-want-to/wcm/8fa72330-bd5a-49f6-9632-a7d979d31fce?utm_term=… Mayor Jim Watson will stick up for his right to block people from following him on Twitter if they pester him , he said Wednesday, a day after three people asked for a court ruling that doing so is unconstitutional.
“This is my personal Twitter account,” he said in a statement relayed by spokesman Mathieu Gravel. “I have the right not to be attacked and harassed by the same individuals on a regular basis. I believe in civility in public discourse, and this type of behaviour would not be tolerated in a face-to-face debate. I look forward to dealing with this matter in due course.’’

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