Oilsands companies pull back on production as ‘crisis’ hits sector | CBC News

With no immediate relief in sight from a collapse in Canadian oil prices, Alberta oilsands companies are beginning to turn down the taps and produce less oil.
Low prices for Canadian crude are causing a chill throughout the industry — from the oil majors, to the small service companies.

NB Power to dodge major carbon taxes after Ottawa proposes looser rules on coal plants | CBC News

In a climate-policy retreat over the treatment of coal, federal Liberals are proposing to loosen emission standards for power plants that burn the fuel, effectively lowering carbon taxes on each tonne of greenhouse gas released from coal-burning stations, like NB Power’s Belledune, next year to less than $1.

Trudeau to unveil carbon tax plan Tuesday for provinces that don’t comply | CBC News

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will unveil Tuesday the federal government’s plan for wayward provinces that do not comply with the national climate plan.
That plan, brokered with most provinces roughly two years ago, includes a carbon tax on greenhouse gas emissions as part of a larger effort to tackle climate change. Trudeau has said the federal government will implement the carbon tax in provinces that do not have a tax of their own, or a cap-and-trade system.

Liberal government writes off $1.1B US loan to Chrysler, plus interest, docs show | CBC News


David Reevely: Ottawa mayor sued for blocking Twitter critics, says he has right not to be harassed | National Post

nationalpost.com/news/local-news/reevely-my-twitter-account-is-personal-watson-says-in-response-to-charter-challenge-and-i-can-block-who-i-want-to/wcm/8fa72330-bd5a-49f6-9632-a7d979d31fce?utm_term=… Mayor Jim Watson will stick up for his right to block people from following him on Twitter if they pester him , he said Wednesday, a day after three people asked for a court ruling that doing so is unconstitutional.
“This is my personal Twitter account,” he said in a statement relayed by spokesman Mathieu Gravel. “I have the right not to be attacked and harassed by the same individuals on a regular basis. I believe in civility in public discourse, and this type of behaviour would not be tolerated in a face-to-face debate. I look forward to dealing with this matter in due course.’’

Supreme Court rules Ottawa has no duty to consult with Indigenous people before drafting laws | CBC News

Canada’s lawmakers do not have a duty to consult with Indigenous people before introducing legislation that might affect constitutionally protected Indigenous and treaty rights, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday.
The decision will be welcomed by the federal government, which has argued such an obligation would be far too onerous and slow down the legislative process considerably.

The fuse has been lit on Canada’s debt bomb – The Globe and Mail

This week, the Alberta government designated Oct. 1 the Day of Older Persons. It’s recognition, we’re told, for the important contributions seniors make to the cultural and social fabric of the province.
And that is undoubtedly true. Although it could also be in recognition of the votes these older persons represent with an election just eight months away. Not mentioned was the incredible economic strain this same demographic is putting on not just Alberta’s finances, but the finances of the entire country. Now, the federal Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) is sounding the alarm over what it is predicting will be a debt Armageddon unless drastic measures are taken.

Initiative 1631: Will Washington Get a Carbon Tax? – The Atlantic

This November, voters in Washington State may do what no group of people—in or outside the United States—has done before.
They will vote on whether to adopt a carbon fee , an aggressive policy to combat climate change that charges polluters for the right to emit carbon dioxide and other potent greenhouse gases.

Citing competitiveness pressures, feds ease carbon tax thresholds – iPolitics

Bowing to concerns about international competitiveness, the Trudeau government is scaling back carbon pricing guidelines for some of the country’s heaviest energy users, and signalling that more easing could come before the plan takes effect in 2019.

The Myth of the Asian Market for Canada Oil – The Narwhal – Opinion

For years, we’ve been told again and again (and again ) that Kinder Morgan’s proposed expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline is desperately needed for producers to export oil to Asian countries and get much higher returns.

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