Discord among Wildrose party ranks grows as unity vote nears | Calgary Herald

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said Tuesday the deal to join his party and the Progressive Conservatives into a new United Conservative Party can’t be changed, despite growing unrest within Wildrose ranks over details of the agreement.

Canada to boost military budget by 70% after pressure from US to spend more | World news | The Guardian

Canada has announced plans to increase its defence budget by nearly three quarters over the next decade, after coming under pressure from the United States to boost military spending.

Trudeau decides it’s just not worth appeasing Trump in foreign-policy shift – The Globe and Mail

America has left the world, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland signalled in Tuesday’s landmark foreign policy address. Canada and its allies will hang together, she vowed, awaiting its return.

Ottawa lays out $62-billion in new military spending over 20 years – The Globe and Mail


Obama pushes back against fear, isolationism in Montreal speech | CTV News

Former U.S. president Barack Obama offered his trademark message of hope in Montreal Tuesday, telling a sold-out audience that global trends of isolationism are “understandable” in moments of historic change, but they can be defeated by listening and finding common ground.

Why British Columbia should hold another election—right away – Macleans.ca

To govern in the Westminster system, a premier or prime minister must command the confidence of the legislature—that is, they must have enough members onside to support their agenda and supply them with money to run the government, pay for programs, and so forth.

Samuel Oliphant: B.C. Greens have agreed to worst possible deal in their efforts to oust Christy Clark | National Post

A lot still needs to happen for British Columbia’s New Democrats and Greens to form a viable governing alliance in the province. For starters, Premier Christy Clark – as the leader who won the plurality of votes and seats in the recent election – has every right to face the legislature and present her vision for B.C., as she’s made clear she plans to do. But assuming the NDP and Greens are eventually given a chance to govern, their arrangement is likely to raise a lot of questions for voters, and is almost certain to end up being a bad deal for the Greens.

‘Final stretch’: Conservatives to gather Saturday to announce next leader | CTV News

Conservative leadership candidates are working on getting out any remaining votes ahead of Saturday’s final event in Toronto, at which the party will announce the successor to Stephen Harper.

Alberta’s Wildrose, PCs agree to create new United Conservative Party – Edmonton – CBC News

Alberta’s two conservative parties have struck a tentative deal to unite as the United Conservative Party.
Wildrose Leader Brian Jean and Progressive Conservative Leader Jason Kenney announced the proposed merger Thursday at a news conference in Edmonton.

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