Bernier’s premature victory lap gave Conservatives good reason to be glad he lost – The Globe and Mail
Andrew Scheer, the Saskatchewan MP and former House of Commons speaker they have chosen as their new leader, could struggle in all sorts of ways. It won’t be easy to reconcile the wishes of hardline social conservatives who helped put him over the top with those of everyone else, or marry his Western populism to the imperatives of winning over suburban voters, or match Justin Trudeau’s charisma and retail-politics skills.

NDP leadership debate brings 2 new candidates to the race – Politics – CBC News
Two new candidates in the NDP leadership race wasted no time going toe-to-toe in their first appearance together Sunday at a leadership debate in Sudbury, Ont.

Andrew Scheer not the only winner in Conservative leadership race – Politics – CBC News
Bold changes aren’t terribly conservative, which helps explain how Andrew Scheer became leader of the federal Conservative party.
But he wasn’t the only person who won something in this leadership race.

Tougher methane regulations to be phased in between 2020 and 2023 under Canada’s climate change plan – Calgary – CBC News
Canada plans to phase in tougher regulations on the emission of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, but it will take between three and six years for the new rules to kick in.
The proposed regulations would mostly impact the oil and gas industry in Alberta and Saskatchewan, which is responsible for the bulk of methane emissions nationwide.

‘Final stretch’: Conservatives to gather Saturday to announce next leader | CTV News
Conservative leadership candidates are working on getting out any remaining votes ahead of Saturday’s final event in Toronto, at which the party will announce the successor to Stephen Harper.

Conservatives may come to regret ignoring Michael Chong
When Michael Chong appeared on a stage in Edmonton months back with all of the current candidates running to lead the Conservative Party of Canada (Kevin O’Leary was a no-show), he pitched his plan for a carbon tax — and was booed, loudly and long, by the audience.

National carbon plan is on shaky ground with shifting priorities in the West | Financial Post
In announcing a plan to implement a national carbon price Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took another step toward his grand bargain — carbon pricing for pipeline approvals.

Canada’s housing boom has 30% chance of going bust, Goldman Sachs says – Business – CBC News
U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs says there’s an almost one in three chance of Canada’s housing market going bust in the near future.

Decriminalize pot ahead of legalizing it, Jagmeet Singh urges PM Trudeau | CTV News
The latest entrant to the federal NDP leadership race says it’s “offensive” the government is allowing people to be charged with marijuana possession while there’s a bill before Parliament to legalize it.
Jagmeet Singh, who currently sits in the Ontario legislature, said Canada absolutely needs “to immediately decriminalize” marijuana, a position the federal NDP has held for years. The party promised in the 2015 election to decriminalize it right away if it formed government.

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