The IPCC leak: What do Chinese experts think? | China Dialogue
Expert reviewers nominated by governments and organisations gain access to IPCC drafts under confidentiality rules. It is not a public process. However, the leaked document, and its stark warnings, was leaked last month , prompting a deluge of comment.

Canada sending 6 helicopters to help UN mission in Mali – Politics – CBC News
The Liberal government has confirmed it’s sending a detachment of helicopters and support troops to the troubled West African nation of Mali, as it ticks off a number of its peacekeeping commitments.
CBC News first reported the news on Friday.

Vladimir Putin wins fourth term, taking over 70 per cent of votes in tainted Russian election | Ottawa Citizen…

‘We are dying’: Venezuela’s oil workers have become so hungry they are too weak to do their jobs | Financial Post
“I haven’t eaten meat for two months,” he said. “The last time I did, I spent my whole week’s salary on a chicken meal.”

Running from Putin after helping him cheat – CBS News
Grigory Rodchenkov, the mastermind of the Russian doping scandal that got the country’s Olympic team barred from this year’s Winter Games, now fears for his life for talking about cheating the Russians continue to deny. Rodchenkov is in disguise when tells Scott Pelley his story on 60 Minutes Sunday, Feb. 11 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Bitcoin and its rivals offer no shelter from the storm – Crypto-correction…
THE “biggest bubble in human history comes down crashing,” tweeted Nouriel Roubini, an economist, gleefully. After an exhilarating ride skywards in 2017, investors in crypto-currencies have been rudely reminded that prices can plunge earthwards, too. In mid-December the price of bitcoin was just shy of $20,000; by February 6th, it had fallen to $6,000, before recovering a little (see chart).

‘Playtime is officially over’: $4 trillion wiped out in global market meltdown | Financial Post
World stock markets nosedived for a fourth day running on Tuesday, having seen US$4 trillion wiped off from what just eight days ago had been record high values.

Interview with Kate Heller, VCS Communications Manager, about April Salumei: “We cannot speak for the other ‘credits’ issued by the project” | REDD-Monitor
In 2011, a Swiss company called World Markets AG bought five million “carbon benefit units ”. They came from the April Salumei REDD project in Papua New Guinea. World Markets sold the “carbon benefit units” at a profit of over US$5 million.
One of the developers of the April Salumei REDD project, Sean Lewis, was appointed chairman of World Markets in 2011. And Stephen Hooper, who runs the project was a director of World Markets AG from December 2011 to March 2013 .

China trash town’s cleanup bolstered by import ban
The dizzying stench of burning plastic still drifts through the alleys, workshops and warehouses of Guiyu, the southern Chinese town that has long symbolized China’s role as the main recycler of the world’s waste.

Cape Town will deploy army, police to protect water source after taps run dry on ‘Day Zero’ – National |
South Africa will use the country’s military to protect Cape Town ’s water supply in the event the city of about four million is forced to shut off its taps on “Day Zero ,” the day supplies dry up.

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