Nevada May Break Up With The Electoral College : NPR…
President Hillary Clinton? That would have been the result of the 2016 presidential election — if the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact were in effect. With a state Senate vote Tuesday, Nevada is close to becoming the latest state to sidestep the Electoral College when it comes to electing presidents.

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives on Thursday passed legislation that would prevent President Donald Trump from following through on his withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate agreement.
The Republican-led Senate is highly unlikely to take up the measure, which would bar federal funds from being used to withdraw from the accord.

Joe Biden’s 2020 Campaign Struggles With ‘Front-Runner’ – The Atlantic…
Joe Biden wants to be the front-runner, but he still wants to come off as scrappy. He wants all the attention from being a former vice president and from leading primary polls, but all the credit for beating expectations and raising more money in his first 24 hours than the records set by a socialist senator from Vermont and a former congressman who couldn’t win statewide. He wants the attention that led the national media to descend here on Monday afternoon, but maybe doesn’t want them pointing out that the crowd he drew skewed older, scattered with people who sat on the floor to rest during breaks in the program.

U.S. revokes visa of International Criminal Court prosecutor | CBC News
The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said Friday that her U.S. visa has been revoked, in what appears to be evidence of a crackdown on the global tribunal by the Trump administration.
In a statement confirming the revocation, prosecutor Fatou Bensouda’s office stressed that she “has an independent and impartial mandate” under the court’s founding treaty, the Rome Statute.

Senate votes to block Trump’s emergency declaration on border wall – National |
The Republican-run Senate rejected President Donald Trump ’s declaration of a national emergency at the southwest border on Thursday, setting up a veto fight and dealing him a conspicuous rebuke as he tested how boldly he could ignore Congress in pursuit of his highest-profile goal.

Los Angeles ditches plan to invest billions in fossil fuels, Mayor Eric Garcetti says – Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles is abandoning a plan to spend billions of dollars rebuilding three natural gas power plants along the coast, Mayor Eric Garcetti said Monday, in a move to get the city closer to its goal of 100% renewable energy and improve air quality in highly polluted communities.

Canada pushing back against U.S. attempts to change text of USMCA deal: official – National |
Canada is pushing back against U.S. attempts to change the text of their September trade pact and the issue may have to be referred to ministers to settle, a Canadian source with direct knowledge of the matter said on Thursday.
“Some of the stuff they (the Americans) have been putting forward is not at all what we agreed to,” said the source, who requested anonymity given the sensitivity of the situation.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Hillary? – POLITICO Magazine
In recent months, some reporters who cover the Trump White House have received phone calls from the last person they would expect: Hillary Clinton.
The 2016 Democratic nominee has been rethinking her relationship with the press, among the many things she has been turning over—and over—in her head, acknowledging that her grouchy relationship with journalists was a problem. Now, she’s curious about the reporters covering Trump and has been putting out the occasional feeler.

Democrats agree to confirmations of 15 Trump judges – POLITICO
Senate Democrats accepted an offer Thursday from Senate Republicans to confirm 15 lifetime federal judges in exchange for the ability to go into recess through the midterms, allowing endangered Democrats to campaign.
The calculation by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and his caucus was simple: That Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) would be able to confirm roughly 15 judges if he kept the Senate in session for the next few weeks anyway. So Democrats OK’d an offer to confirm three Circuit Court judges and 12 Circuit Court judges as the price to pay to go home for election season.

Hope Hicks, Former Top Trump Aide, Joins Fox as Communications Chief – The New York Times
The Murdoch family, in the throes of reshaping its media empire, is bringing on a lieutenant with experience in chaotic environments: President Trump’s former communications director, Hope Hicks.
Starting next year, Ms. Hicks, one of the most recognizable alumni of Mr. Trump’s White House, will become the chief communications officer of Fox, the company to be spun out of the Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of most of 21st Century Fox.

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