Nelson an unsafe place to live? City ranks in top third of most dangerous places in the nation to live | The Nelson Daily your doors and bar your windows. If the findings of a recent survey by MacLeans magazine in Canada’s Most Dangerous Places 2018 is to be believed, Nelson isn’t as safe of a place to live as it seems.
The Heritage city was ranked 66th most dangerous on the list of 229 communities over 10,000 people surveyed in Canada, ranking ahead of major Canadian centres like Toronto, Richmond, Kelowna, Montreal, Hamilton and North Vancouver.

BCTV Kootenays on-line news team is retiring | TMTVNEWS.COM
The first edition was published on-line in Dec of 1995 and has grown to huge audiences from southeast BC and viewers from all over the world wanting to find out what is happening in the Boundary, Kootenay, Columbia’s and Rockies regions of the province.

City of Nelson to receive up to $6 Million for Water Master Plan Supplementary Sources Project | TMTVNEWS.COM
The City of Nelson Water Master Plan Supplementary Sources project was identified as a high priority in the City’s recently updated Water Master Plan. This project will allow the City to funnel all of its existing water sources to the Mountain Station Reservoir where all residential water will receive ultra violet (UV) treatment. In addition to providing UV treatment to all of the city’s water, this project will act as a building block towards securing back-up water sources in the near future.

City of Nelson – 2018 Budget Open House
The City of Nelson is hosting an Open House to present the 2018 Budget and Five-Year Financial Plan.
Please join us between 6:00pm – 9:00pm at the Nelson Public Library.

Wetland to be built at Duck Bay – Nelson Star
Nelson’s mecca for mallards is getting a makeover.
The Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society has received $38,500 from the Columbia Basin Trust to build a new wetland at Duck Bay in Lakeside Park.
Avery Deboer-Smith, the society’s project manager, said the work will add to the partial wetland already present.

Community concerned about logging in Glade watershed | The Nelson Daily

The Dogwoodization of the EcoSociety has Costs | The Nelson Daily
The Dogwood Initiative, like it’s sister group LeadNow, grew to substantial influence during the Harper and Clark era in large part by consolidating anti-pipeline activism into a political and fundraising force.

MOTI launches new Glade II Ferry | The Nelson Daily
Residents of Glade will soon be riding across the Kootenay River on a new vessel, after residents watched as Glade II was launched into the water Monday near the tiny community, located off Highway 3A between Castlegar and Nelson.

City turns on tap for water use and supply in new and approved Water Master Plan | The Nelson Daily
City of Nelson management was asked how they get away with raising hydro rates. The reply “because we can”. The BCUC has no jurisdiction, it’s up to mayor and council. In 2010 Nelson hydro customers paid .06c/kWh, basic was $10 . . . it’s headed for 10.63c and $15.98. BC Hydro rate is 8c and $11.

Columbia River Treaty: What’s on the table? – Nelson Star
The renegotiation of the Columbia River Treaty is likely to begin in 2018. The agreement, reached in 1964, was about mutual sharing of, and payments for, the trans-boundary water for flood control in the United States and hydro power in both countries.

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